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Are Biosolids Safe?

Biosolids has been under intense scrutiny for decades. Numerous studies have been made about it, all pointing out to the inevitable conclusion that biosolids are safe for consumption—not directly, of course. In a nutshell, what we know is that biosolids, an organic matter from the treatment of domestic wastes in wastewater treatment plants, can be […]

Biosolids Benefits

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Water Environment Federation (WEF) and Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies all promote biosolids recycling as an environmentally safe and cost-effective solution for managing wastewater residuals. When conducted in accordance with strict state and federal regulations, the practice benefits communities and supports environmental protection efforts with an excellent source of […]

A Summary Of The Process Of Biosolids Generation

To better understand the importance of biosolids and proper waste management, there is a need to recognize the unique process that goes through for the generation of biosolids. In general, biosolids are produced when solids resulting from the treatment of wastewater are treated further to meet the regulatory requirements of the government. Pre-treatment of wastewater […]

Comparing Biosolids To Livestock Manure And Commercial Fertilizers

Biosolids is often compared to livestock manure and commercial fertilizers given the nature of its work for a healthier soil structure and crop production. And while it has the same function and component as livestock manure, it differs greatly when compared with commercial-grade fertilizers, which, at the very most, can deplete the environment’s natural resources. […]