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What Does Class A Biosolids Mean?

We have discussed what Class A biosolids is and even how safe it is to be used as fertilizer for food production and other agricultural functions. Like Class A biosolids, Class B biosolids also contain important nutrients and organic matter, making them viable as fertilizers for certain types of plants and vegetation. Class B biosolids […]

Reclaiming Mine Lands Through Biosolids

How much humans destroyed the environment is a question we might never know the answer. But that doesn’t mean we cannot see and fee its effects. Rising and dropping temperatures, as well as extreme weather condition, will make you feel how we wronged the environment. That is not to mention how many oceans are suffering […]

Are Biosolids Safe?

Biosolids has been under intense scrutiny for decades. Numerous studies have been made about it, all pointing out to the inevitable conclusion that biosolids are safe for consumption—not directly, of course. In a nutshell, what we know is that biosolids, an organic matter from the treatment of domestic wastes in wastewater treatment plants, can be […]

Analyzing Biosolids Management Through Wastewater Treatment

The past decade alone showed the rapidly declining state of the environment. This resulted to wastewater treatment plants focusing its attention on collecting and treating wastewater prior to discharging it to the environment. The processes used on the wastewater unintentionally produce a sludge material made up of pathogens, pollutants, and other substances originally found on […]

Biosolids Benefits

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Water Environment Federation (WEF) and Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies all promote biosolids recycling as an environmentally safe and cost-effective solution for managing wastewater residuals. When conducted in accordance with strict state and federal regulations, the practice benefits communities and supports environmental protection efforts with an excellent source of […]

Where does the Water go?

From time to time we have people asking us about “water management” on our property. We also get a handful of people accusing us online of polluting the groundwater and/or discharging surface water. Neither of these concerns is true! Read more to find out why. Please review the following information which explains why our location […]