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Government Regulations On The Public Acceptance of Biosolids

The 40 CFR Part 503 Biosolids Rule of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes regulations on the management of biosolids. It includes the Clean Water Act amendments of 1977 and 1987, which required regulators and stakeholders to take a more active role in managing and using biosolids. But all of these were state regulations and […]

Top Bulking Agents Used For Composting Of Biosolids

The constant companion of the methods of composting of biosolids is the bulking agent. Though many compost experts and environmentalists frown at the use of bulking agents, there‚Äôs no getting around it. Without bulking agents, the wastewater solids will turn into a mushy pile of unusable garbage. Not to mention, the foul odor is unbearable. […]