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Top 4 Reasons Why Biosolids Can Be Considered Safe

The apprehensions about biosolids are understandable enough mainly because of the lack of information about it and the several misconceptions we have about where it came from and what it does. Biosolids are as natural and organic as fertilizers come. They are now the choice of many farmers and gardeners because of the multitude of […]

Understanding The Treatment of Biosolids

Many people are opposed or disinterested about the many benefits of biosolids simply because they don’t understand where it is coming from, what it is, how it is treated, how it is used, and why should we use it. There are many questions that surround biosolids, and it doesn’t help that most of the resources […]

Ways To Know That Biosolids Are Safe To Use

Many people are still wary about applying biosolids on land, especially on agricultural land that is responsible for the production of food products that humans eventually consume. Though there is a big understanding of the benefits of biosolids and why they should be used instead of chemical fertilizers, there is still a big misconception about […]

Why Should Farmers Choose Biosolids Over Chemical Fertilizers?

There is a reason for everything, even choosing basically domestic waste over chemical fertilizers that have been produced by reputable agricultural companies from around the world. Yes, sometimes, even biosolids coming from waste is better than the continued commercialism of the agriculture industry. Commercial-grade fertilizers have long been used to hasten the growth of crops […]

Protecting Biosolids Compost Workers From Health Risks

Biosolids compost workers are constantly being exposed to a lot of allergies- and infections-causing organisms because basically, they are dealing with garbage. Although wastewater sludge has already been treated when it passed by the first process of dealing with household waste materials, it is not without one of the most common fungus known as Aspergillus […]

Odor Control For Biosolids Management

The treatment and disposal of wastewater sludge or biosolids is regulated by the United States Environment Protection Agency (US EPA). It is a catalyst to a sounder environment process in terms of disposing garbage and wastewater sludge. But, it also faces a bigger problem with the control of odor the emanates from facilities that treat […]

Using Biosolids For Agricultural Land

For decades, biosolids has been used and applied on agricultural land for various reasons and benefits. All throughout the world, this practice has been applied with great success. There are, of course, some misconceptions on this regard because biosolids are effectively just sewage sludge that has been treated and has passed regulations. The United States […]

Biosolids Benefits

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Water Environment Federation (WEF) and Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies all promote biosolids recycling as an environmentally safe and cost-effective solution for managing wastewater residuals. When conducted in accordance with strict state and federal regulations, the practice benefits communities and supports environmental protection efforts with an excellent source of […]