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How Biosolids Management Gained Importance In The Wastewater Treatment

In the last few decades, the focus of wastewater treatment facilities has been to collect household and industrial waste and treat them before being dispatched and used on the environment (gardens, agricultural farms, ranches, etc). Biosolids management was a concept alienated by most treatment facilities and even waste management policies because there is no real […]

By scientific definition, organic matter means “Of, relating to, or derived from living matter.” It comes from living but decaying materials such as plants, microorganisms, worms, and many other things. One of the most common sources of organic matter is household waste, which must go through a pre-treatment process that will prepare it for the […]

A Summary Of The Process Of Biosolids Generation

To better understand the importance of biosolids and proper waste management, there is a need to recognize the unique process that goes through for the generation of biosolids. In general, biosolids are produced when solids resulting from the treatment of wastewater are treated further to meet the regulatory requirements of the government. Pre-treatment of wastewater […]

Comparing Biosolids To Livestock Manure And Commercial Fertilizers

Biosolids is often compared to livestock manure and commercial fertilizers given the nature of its work for a healthier soil structure and crop production. And while it has the same function and component as livestock manure, it differs greatly when compared with commercial-grade fertilizers, which, at the very most, can deplete the environment’s natural resources. […]

Is Biosolids Management Good For The Environment?

All throughout history, men have been using biosolids management for the fertilization of soil and crop production and the protection of the environment. This means that in the long run, recycling organic materials and turning them into biosolids is an effective way conserving natural resources and protecting what remains good in the environment. In today’s […]