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How Biosolids Differ From Other Fertilizers

Oftentimes, we hear that people are much more comfortable knowing that the food they eat grew in soils enriched by chemical fertilizers and manure-based fertilizers even if they could choose from a variety of organic food that came from lands fertilized by biosolids. There seems to be a disconnect between what people want—safe food—and how […]

The Regulation of Pathogens in Biosolids

The reason why biosolids are being considered safer than other kinds of fertilizer is because of the low presence or the absolute absence of pathogens in it. Pathogens, by definition, are bacteria, virus, or other microorganisms that can cause disease. In the oldest and broadest sense, it is anything that can produce a disease. This […]

Things We Learn From The Biosolids Treatment Process

Many people don’t realize that the presence of biosolids in the market actually lowers the cost of food products and crops and vegetation. As an alternative to commercial-grade fertilizers, biosolids are more economical for agricultural use and even for land application on forestlands and reclaimed mining sites. And yet, many communities still frown at the […]

Ways To Know That Biosolids Are Safe

The main issue against the use of biosolids on land application is whether it is safe for human consumption. Not the biosolids per se, but the produce and the crops that use it as organic fertilizer. This is an understandable concern from the communities that are exposed to biosolids, but fret not because there are […]

The Municipal Sludge Production Process

The common question when we are confronted with the idea of biosolids is whether it is safe to be used on land that will grow food or produce. The short answer is yes, but the longer answer will take some time to explain. For one, you need to understand that in order to come up […]

Top 4 Reasons Why Biosolids Can Be Considered Safe

The apprehensions about biosolids are understandable enough mainly because of the lack of information about it and the several misconceptions we have about where it came from and what it does. Biosolids are as natural and organic as fertilizers come. They are now the choice of many farmers and gardeners because of the multitude of […]