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How Biosolids Treatment Plants Ensure Communities Are Safe From Possible Contaminants

What we do know about the management and treatment of biosolids is that they are regulated and regularly inspected by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Regular monitoring and inspection allow the EPA to ensure that communities remain safe from possible contaminants that treatment facilities discharge. The use of treatment plants of the same waterways and […]

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Important Things To Remember About Storing Biosolids

Whether you are part of the management of a biosolids treatment plant or a mere observer, it’s important to know how to properly store biosolids… not sewage sludge, but biosolids, which are ready for land application and various other usages. Biosolids is a critical part of a sustainable environment that we’re all trying to achieve […]

Signs of Properly Managed Biosolids Treatment Plant

Is there a biosolids treatment plant in your neighborhood? How will you know it’s well-managed? What’s your reaction to it? Are you comfortable having one right in the neighborhood where you live in? It isn’t really easy to accept the presence of treatment plants in a neighborhood because there are a lot of misconceptions about […]

Property Value To Benefit From Biosolids Use

The common misconception about biosolids is that no one wants it in the neighborhood or the community. As a property owner, we are always challenged by the emerging trends in real estate, in soil nourishing, in farming and planting, and in different fertilizers produced in the market. In many communities even across the United States, […]

Where To Apply Class A Biosolids

We all know about biosolids. We all know where and how it is made, if we make the time to research about it. We all know that Class A biosolids are the best kind of biosolids there is. We know that it is highly acceptable in many, many communities, and that people are more open […]

Sound Biosolids Management Practices

For biosolids management to be truly successful, every municipality has to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Communities rely on these regulations for the treatment facilities and plants to be efficient and “considerate” on the way it interacts with the neighborhood in general, and the way […]

Government Regulations On The Public Acceptance of Biosolids

The 40 CFR Part 503 Biosolids Rule of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes regulations on the management of biosolids. It includes the Clean Water Act amendments of 1977 and 1987, which required regulators and stakeholders to take a more active role in managing and using biosolids. But all of these were state regulations and […]

Benefits of Biosolids To Growers And Communities

There’s a growing misunderstanding among communities and growers of the advantages of using biosolids in their agricultural farms and ranches. This fact is not lost to seasoned producers of biosolids, which many believe to be some kind of glorified compost. Though there is a grain of truth in that belief, let us remember that biosolids, […]