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An Overview of The Three Types of Biosolids For Garden Use

Using biosolids for your garden and landscapes is beneficial for the community and the environment. Since biosolids are locally produced, with its sources coming from domestic waste, using it as organic fertilizers for your garden is directly impacting in a positive way the local community and environment. There are three types of biosolids that can […]

How Community Acceptance Benefits Biosolids Management

The reason that biosolids management has faced challenges and difficulties even with the wide array of resources and information available on the internet is because of negative public perception. As long as communities try to reject the benefits of using biosolids in their land, the management, production, disposal, and transportation of biosolids will fail to […]

The Complete Buying Guide For Biosolids

First-time biosolids buyers may have a lot of questions about its usage and what they should be in the lookout for when purchasing this organic fertilizer. While many would claim that the biosolids they are selling are Class A or Class A EQ, you cannot trust merely the claims of a distributor who wants to […]

Gardening With Biosolids: Is It Safe?

Many experts advocate the use of biosolids in home gardening because of the natural nutrients that it contains. However, there are still those who look at it with disdain and reject the benefits that it offers because they believe it contains harmful toxins, so it shouldn’t be used around edibles. This view is antiquated, though, […]

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Key Factors In Reducing Odor In Biosolids Production

Most treatment and disposal processes of biosolids for environmental management are regulated and are subject to compliance to the rules and regulations set by governing agencies. However, such regulations and rules are not applicable to the reduction of odor in biosolids production. There is no regulated process that is required to be used for the […]

4 Ways Biosolids Benefit The Community

Biosolids are not as complicated as naysayers make it out to be. It is scientific, yes, but it is also technological and economical. There’s plenty of benefits that a community can get from biosolids and the presence of treatment plants in their area. More than the environmental benefit of recycling waste and sewage sludge and […]