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What Should We Do With Our Biosolids?

In developed countries, the governments have found a way to turn human, domestic, and municipal waste into biosolids, a treated sewage sludge that can be applied on agricultural land, farms, ranches, mining sites, and forestlands. Heck, even home gardens use biosolids now because it is a nutrient-rich organic soil that comes for free in many […]

Rehabilitating Land Through The Application of Biosolids

Once mining operations are complete, the sites will be left barren and all the nutrients of the topsoil would have been stripped off because of the activities. It will take decades for the mining sites to regain what they have lost through the mining activities but thanks to the use of biosolids, this could be […]

Separating Sewage Sludge From Biosolids In Fertilizer Use

Even with enough information available on the internet and from public journals and studies, the use of biosolids as fertilizer is still a hotly-debated topic among communities. Even in America, where the recycling and treatment of waste to produce biosolids is a largely accepted practice, many people still crinkle their noses when they think about […]

Rehabilitating Mining Sites Using Biosolids

When mining operations are complete, the change in topography and the stripping of vegetation can lead to a serious soil erosion. This will wash away precious nutrients and clog up waterways because of the run-off. Not to mention that it would also create an unsightly pile of dirt that can’t be used for anything. The […]

Why Issues About Biosolids Should Be Taught In School

Less than a century ago, Americans throw their waste into the rivers, the ponds, and the lakes. Eventually, all of these will hit the ocean and will be consumed by the very species we, humans, also consume. Taking care of the environment is a never-ending cycle and thus, the process of treating the municipal sewage […]

A Better Look At How The Use of Biosolids Benefits Communities

Although there are a lot of concerns, misconceptions, and myths surrounding the use of biosolids as fertilizer, many industries and states continue to support its treatment and its distribution. In fact, in many states, biosolids are given for free to farmers and ranchers to enrich their soil and thus, their crop production. The sludge that […]

Best Ways To Learn About Biosolids

Many people have questions about biosolids—what it is, where it came from, how it is being used, and how it can benefit the communities. They want to know how biosolids are being produced, tested, and used. But the misconceptions about biosolids are being led by the lack of information about them. People don’t know what […]

Understanding Co-Disposal Landfilling Of Biosolids

Co-disposal landfilling is the method of combining wastewater solids with municipal solid waste and then placing this mixture in a permitted landfill. Typically, municipal solid waste is first spread near the working face of the landfill. Then, the next layer would be the wastewater solids. The two solids would then be mixed with traditional landfill […]