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Understanding the Specifics of Biosolids Management

Waste management is something that is being heavily encouraged nowadays. With signs being put up everywhere, urging you to manage your waste properly, and stores are now promoting products that advertise themselves to be “environmentally-responsible!”. It seems like everybody is doing their part to try to preserve the natural beauty and resources of the earth […]

How Are Biosolids Processed?

Biosolids are organic materials that are processed from sewage wastewater and goes through a process to sanitize it and to make sure that any harmful chemicals and pathogens found in it are removed. This helps guarantee that it is safe to use, especially in an agricultural setting. These materials are gaining a lot of traction […]

The Ongoing Debate About the Safety of Biosolids

The production and use of biosolids have provided plenty of benefits. For one, it has the environmental benefit of being a solution for waste that would have otherwise been dumped in landfills, thus, freeing up space in these landfills. It also reduces the need for the use of chemical fertilizers which weaken the nutrient content […]

The Pros and Cons of Using Biosolids

Biosolids are becoming one of the main forms of fertilizers in the organic farming industry. Because of their lower cost and multiple benefits as a fertilizer and the additional benefits it provides to the environment, it comes to no surprise why more and more people are looking into using biosolids as a form of organic […]

Most Common Applications of Biosolids

When you think of biosolids, one of the most commonly known applications for these are in the agriculture industry. This makes a lot of sense, because this is a completely organic fertilizer that provides plenty of nutrients for the soil and crops without the negative risks commonly associated with chemical fertilizers. However, what some people […]

Understanding the Environmental Benefits of Biosolids

With all of the debates surrounding biosolids, one cannot deny that despite all of the controversy surrounding it, there are plenty of benefits to using biosolids as an alternate form of natural fertilizer. Biosolids are an organic source of nutrients that come from the processing of wastewater where it undergoes treatment to make sure that […]

Understanding the Agricultural Benefits of Biosolids

Biosolids are quickly becoming the go-to solution for plenty of industries today. This is especially true for the agricultural industry, where biosolids are used as a form of natural fertilizer. Because of their nutrient-rich properties, it is becoming a major player in the agriculture industry as one of the biggest natural fertilizers, especially in the […]

Understanding the Different Classifications of Biosolids

While biosolids have been around for quite awhile, not much is known about them to the general public. These types of materials are commonly known in specific industries, such as agriculture. Because of the lack of general knowledge about these, when people first hear about biosolids for the very first time, they tend to be […]

Common Questions About Biosolids

Biosolids are well known within certain industries. From agriculture to mining, this byproduct of human waste had no end to the number of uses that have been discovered for these. However, while the existence and the uses for this material are widely known within these industries, not many people know much about these materials. It […]

The Ins and Outs of Using Biosolids in Agriculture

Everyday, there have been new breakthroughs in the application of biosolids. In some countries, these materials are used in the energy and the forestry industries. It can also be used as a bio-fuel and a material for construction. However, one of the number one uses for biosolids is within the agriculture industry. Because of their […]