Archive | February, 2019

5 Natural Fertilizer Options For Organic Farming

One of the most important components of organic farming is fertilizer. And since organic farming is becoming quite popular in the last decade due to most people’s decision for a healthier lifestyle, so are the options for natural fertilizers which will enhance the nutrients found in the soil and amend the pH balance of the […]

Building Communities Through Organic Farming

Do you know that you can lead the way in community building by simply teaching your neighbors the importance and benefits of organic farming? If communities and neighborhoods can bond over their common love for the local sports team or even a particular episode of Game of Throne or The Bachelor, they sure can be […]

Collecting Compost Materials For Organic Farming

When you use your household garbage and food scraps for the compost to be used in your organic farming, you are directly helping the environment survive and thereby, healing and saving the world from its own enemies—humans. Composting is a sacred act and anyone who composts successfully transforms death to life. Do not think about […]

The Importance of Organic Matter In Organic Farming

It wasn’t always like this. We weren’t always so dependent on synthetic fertilizers and chemicals to make our plants and soil healthy. There was a time when we were unapologetically organic, too, meaning we depend on all-natural products and matter to make our soil fertile enough for growing plants, crops, vegetation, flowers, and others. But […]

6 Benefits of Using Seaweed For Organic Farming

What’s the thing you like doing on a beach? People watching? Picnics? Picking up shells and sea glass? But if you are doing organic farming at home, you can add another activity while you’re lounging on the beach: collecting seaweed. This is one of the best tools, fertilizer, and amendment for healthy soil in the […]