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organic farming

Organic Farming 101: How to Get Certified

There is very little knowledge on the consumer side about how organic farming works for those who work in the industry. Because of this, a lot of people get discouraged by the amount of work that has to be done if they make the decision to switch to organic methods of farming.  Even the certification […]

organic farming

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Organic Farming Products

If you’ve been following the trend of health and fitness nowadays, you may have noticed an upward trend in the popularity of organics and organic farming. In fact, plenty of health experts nowadays specify the use of organic ingredients in cooking for maximum benefit.  However, because of how popular these have gotten, plenty of people […]

organic farming

Misconceptions of Organic Farming to Steer Clear Of

The organic farming industry is huge right now because of the stronger call for awareness of the kind of food that we are eating and the effect that it’s having on the environment. However, like all industries that are gaining popularity, there are myths and misconceptions that start floating around for various reasons.  Sometimes, these […]