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organic farming

Organic Farming: What Does It to Be Certified Organic?

If you’re in the organic farming industry, you might have heard the term certified organic. What does this mean? How does this help organic products become more marketable? The National Organic Program (NOP) creates the rules and regulations for the production, handling, labeling, and enforcement of all organic-related products approved by the United States Department […]

organic farming

What Kind of Fertilizer Is Organic Farming Using?

The battle between synthetic and natural fertilizers continues as organic farming takes center stage in the fight against some of the most common food-related diseases. As you well know, the majority of major diseases now have something to do with our diets and lifestyles. People are consuming food they shouldn’t. They are following diet fads […]

organic farming

Understanding the 4 Principles of Organic Farming

Organic farming is nothing new. Our ancestors used this way before our grandparents were born. And yet, the concept is so alien to us because of conventional farming and how easy it has made the life of farmers in the past decades. The introduction of chemicals and fertilizers has become so revolutionary that people naturally […]