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organic farming

Moving From Conventional Farming to Organic Farming

As a farmer or someone looking to venture into business, you might have already heard about organic farming and what it means as a potential business opportunity. However, if you are already in conventional farming, you may be most concerned about making the shift to organics.  After all, this isn’t an easy transition to make, […]

organic farming

The Role of GMOs in Organic Farming

GMOs or genetically modified organisms refer to any organism whose genetic material has been altered by using genetic engineering. The technique is used to make plants and crops resistant to pests, diseases, and environmental conditions. Other purposes are to enhance the nutritional value of a crop and to increase its yield. This kind of technique […]

organic farming

How the Organic Farming Industry Helps the Environment

When done properly and according to the regulations, organic farming can provide plenty of benefits to the farmers and consumers alike.  After all, the organic method of farming means going back to more traditional forms of farming with minimal to no use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers to grow crops, which means that the final […]