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organic farming

Methods Used Within the Organic Farming Industry

The organic farming industry is one of the largest industries that you can observe in today’s health-conscious world. We are now more concerned about the food that we are putting into our bodies, which means that we are less likely to prefer food that has been made with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  However, for many […]

soil used for organic farming

Soil Analysis for Organic Farming Needs

It is no secret that organic farming can be quite a challenge to get into. There are so many requirements needed to make sure that your farm meets the requirements for organic certification. The reason why this is so tricky is that organic methods of cultivation rely on natural nutrients to make sure that the […]

organic farming

Different Types of Compost in Organic Farming

If you’re looking to get into organic farming as an industry, you are most likely well-aware of the numerous requirements that are needed just to get your farm to gain the organic certification. It can be a long and resource-intensive process, but it definitely pays off in the end.  One of the most important requirements […]

organic farming

Initiatives to Boost the Organic Farming Sector

The majority of nations aim for a more sustainable food system by the year 2030. That’s just 10 years from now. The private and public sectors must come and work together to support organic farming and biodiversity if the goals are to be met. In Europe, for example, the European Commission will support the goals […]

organic farming

As Consumers, This Is How You Can Support Organic Farming

It’s time that organic farming gets the support it deserves. For many years, the industry watched helplessly as conventional farmers receive subsidies and tax cuts from the government to produce as much food as they can. This has led to people depending more on conventional farming products because they are cheaper and easier to access. […]