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Why Does Organic Farming Keep on Growing?

The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in February published its report on the global data on organic farming. In the report with data collected since 2018, the institute said that they remain optimistic about the future of organic agriculture. In 2018, organic farmlands increased by two million hectares across 186 countries, and organic sales […]

Answering the Worst Misconceptions About Organic Farming

There are many myths and misconceptions floating about organic farming methods. These are ruining the way people see this concept. In truth, organic farming has been one of the oldest methods of farming in the world that it’s almost close to perfect, thanks to modern technology and techniques. It’s an effective system that balances the […]

Organic Farming 101: Is Going Organic Worth It?

It is no secret that the organic farming industry is huge nowadays. Plenty of consumers are looking to use organic products for everything in their lives, from the food that they eat to the products that they use on their skin. For many of you, this might be something that you could be seriously considering. […]

Why Organic Farming is a Smart Business Choice

Take a look around you, and what do you see? Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly more conscious of the food that they eat, not just in its nutritional content, but in how it is grown from seed. Conventional farming relies on the use of chemicals to grow, and consumers are now concerned about transferring those […]

soil used for organic farming

Organic Farming and Its Use of Natural-Derived Pesticides

Contrary to popular belief, organic farming does use pesticides, albeit the lesser-toxic and naturally-derived form of pesticides. The farm needs it to protect its crops from pests. Natural pesticides are believed to be less toxic since they are derived directly from natural sources such as plants. They are not, however, 100% safe as some are […]

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Organic Farming Around the World

If you’ve paid any kind of attention to the goods and products that you buy, you may have noticed a significant hike in the number of products that have been cultivated with organic farming techniques recently. It is no secret that organics is something that plenty of people are taking part in, even on a […]