Archive | December, 2020

What Are the Top Advantages of Organic Farming?

Anybody who works in any food-related industry is likely familiar with organic farming and the other organic related sectors. There is enough of a demand for these products that it can be tempting for many conventional farmers to make the shift to organics. However, there is also enough buzz about this industry that there are […]

Organic Farming 101: Products That Can Be Certified Organic

Many farmers are seriously considering making the shift to organic farming. This is a great decision to make since the demand for organic products is only going up. However, some farmers are nervous about making the transition because they aren’t sure about whether or not their products can be certified. The organic certification process is […]

The Basics of Organic Farming Certification

As a farmer, deciding to get an organic farming certification is a smart business move. The demand for organic products has been nothing but high ever since it started becoming readily available on grocery store shelves. If you’ve purchased organic products yourself, you might have already noticed that organic products can easily go for two […]

Understanding the Four Principles of Organic Farming

We’ve long heard about organic farming, but have we ever just stopped and thought about how it helps the planet in general? There are four principles to organic farming, each of them aims to help the environment and the people who abuse it. Principle of Health Organic farming is all about using natural and biological […]

How Organic Farming Can Be Energy Efficient

It’s that time of the year again. It’s the winter season. We’re again heavily relying on heating units to keep us warm through the holidays unless, of course, you live in a tropical country where the sun is always a friend. But in many parts of the world, people are going to bundle up under […]

The Roles of Soil Amendments in Organic Farming

How do you know that your soil needs amendment? Most importantly, how do you know what kind of amendments your soil needs? Adding organic matter to your soil is the best way to improve any kind of soil—sandy and clay-like. Soil amendments work in different ways, depending on the type of soil you have in […]