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organic farming

Nutrient Management in Organic Farming

Maintaining the long-term productivity of farms is the goal of an organic farming method. The National Organic Program, for example, states that the organic farms must maintain the physical, chemical, and biological conditions of soil, as well as minimize soil erosion. Compliance with these requirements must be adhered to. Otherwise, organic farms risk losing their […]

How Organic Farming Is Adapting During a Pandemic

It’s been long believed that organic farming will somehow save our lives. We just didn’t know it will be the turn of the century. The past year has proven that if there’s one industry that can survive a health crisis, it is the organic agriculture industry. It has adapted quite a lot in 2020, serving […]

Farmland Requirements for Organic Farming

Organic farming is more than just about government policies. It’s also about the taxes, water availability, ease of access, and many other requirements. Of course, at the center of this is the soil quality and any method you can do to improve it with amendments and nutrients. There are certain land requirements by the National […]

Organic Farming: Tips for Sustainable Eating

In recent years, the organic farming and environmentally sustainable movement have taken off. More consumers are looking to eat foods that are not only good for their bodies, but good for the environment as well. This is where the concept of sustainable eating comes from. Many people nowadays are fully aware of the impact that […]

Is Organic Farming Simply Just a Trend?

Many proponents of organic farming are arguing that the industry is going against everything it sets out to oppose. It is now reliant on purchases and consumerism instead of simply paving a way to assure food security. It should have been an alternative system to conventional farming, but some critics said it is slowly replicating […]

The Effect of Organic Farming on the Health of the Soil

Do you know that 95% of our food depends on the soil? Soils are a non-renewable resource of the environment. Chemical fertilizers and synthetic materials are depleting soils at an alarming rate. This is why it’s important more than ever to transition to organic farming, which is the healthiest kind of agricultural method. The Problem […]