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Basic Organic Farming Management Practices

On the surface, the organic farming industry can easily seem like a very intimidating one. After all, it is not easy to make use of all-natural methods of farming and cultivation, with little to no assistance from chemical pesticides and fertilizers. It seems like a very complicated industry, which is why many farmers are hesitant […]

Pros and Cons of Switching to Organic Farming

Many conventional farmers are starting to realize the benefits of switching over to the organic farming industry for their farming methods. It is easy to see why, given the numerous professional and personal benefits that this can provide. However, it’s very important to understand that this is not a commitment to be made lightly. If […]

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Consider Organic Farming As a Career

The organic farming industry is undeniably a huge industry that shows no signs of declining anytime soon. With health on everybody’s mind, it is easy to see why people are advocating for organic food, which has been proven to be more natural and healthier for those who eat it. If you are looking for a […]

Organic Farming: Planning Your Crop Rotation

When you dive into the organic farming industry, you will find that the success of an organic farm relies on a lot of manual processes to make up for the lack of chemicals in the farming process. One of the most challenging things that organic farms deal with is how to promote crop growth without […]

Organic Farming 101: Organic Farmland Requirements

Anybody who is looking to get into the organic farming industry is very familiar with the fact that there are a lot of requirements involved just to obtain the organic certification label. Making this move means investing plenty of time, effort, and resources, which is why you have to make sure that this is something […]