3 Things To Remember To Start Organic Farming

Dreaming about organic farming is the most fun part of the process; that and reaping the fruits, of course. The hardest part? Well, that should be the journey, the work that must now come into play that we started to act on our dreams. But work is necessary to achieve your dreams and this is where it all begins.

Write down your goals

Merely thinking about your goals for organic farming is not going to cut it. Writing it down makes them more possible and sets you off to work.

Write down the questions you need to ask yourself. By the end of this process, your writings will look like a haphazardly made business plan. That’s okay. These are the questions you need to answer in the pursuit of your dreams.

What kind of farm do you want? Do you want to raise livestock or grow vegetables, flowers, and fruits, or a combination of both? Where you plan to start your farm? The answers to these questions may not be readily available yet but that’s okay because slowly, you will get to solutions.

After such generalizations, you will then have to detail the plan you have for your farm such as how big the farm is going to be, if you’re farming with others or going solo, owning or leasing the land, farming for business or personal reasons, etc.

Be flexible

A farmer needs to be patient, organized, persistent, and above all, flexible. As you go along in this journey, your goals will shift and your vision will grow.

You will gain new knowledge that will make you want to experience other components of organic farming. Embrace all these changes. When you’re working with crops, livestock, plants, etc., there is only so much you can control.

Your every move can be altered by a change in weather and temperature. Some of the plants may sprout early while others may prove to be a little hard-headed. Your ability to be flexible in times of trouble and uncertainties will get you through these challenges.

Be consistent

The only way to grow your farm is to be consistent about the work you do there. When you feel like diverting from the plan, remember why you are here in the first place: you want to grow a farm.

Whatever you do for your farm, it should be with the goal of growing it and strengthening it. Every action you take should be in the best interest of organic farming.

What are these actions? Gaining experience from other farms, going to farming conferences and seminars, and taking a business course that will help you manage the farm better.

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