3 Ways Millennials Can Help In The Information Drive About Biosolids

The problem with using biosolids in communities these days is that some are still hoodwinked by the idea that biosolids are waste and that they contain many harmful contaminants that cannot be treated.

But if there’s one voice that we listen to these days, it’s the millennials. Other generations may become critical of the way millennials live their lives—always looking for new experiences—but we cannot deny the fact that they are interesting and that we slowly embrace what they do anyway (hello, social media?).

The truth is, millennials have a lot of influence when it comes to empowering people to support a cause or an advocacy. Their voices are being heard by their peers and they are active in every aspect of social media promotion and even traditional advertising. They are not afraid to let their voices be heard and they like standing up for issues they believe in.

Social media influence

Millennials are online almost 24/7. They access the internet through a variety of means—through their mobile phones, their laptops, and their work and home computers. They post their thoughts on their accounts and they are not afraid to campaign for issues they believe in.

If millennials will begin to understand how beneficial biosolids are to the environment (many of their age group are environmental advocates), they could gather around this cause and help the information drive about the application of biosolids. Their peers will listen to them, especially if you are able to tap the so-called influencers of this generation.

Community programs and activities

Millennials love new experiences and they are known for taking to the streets for the causes that they believe are important for a progressive and just society. We see them all the time on TV and on social media—this generation pushing for equal rights.

They are driven and they want to see their politicians working on the causes they believe are essential to this society. They will not be afraid to join community programs and activities that promote biosolids and its many benefits. They would want to be a part of something this monumental and important.

Biosolids application

Millennials can also be your poster generation for applying biosolids on farms and even home gardens. They are very cautious about the food they eat. They want organic food and they are not afraid to ask restaurants for it. If we can get this generation to support food products grown on a farm that used biosolids for fertilization, we would have a good fighting chance of letting people know there is nothing harmful about biosolids.

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