5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Starting With Organic Farming

Do you want to start with organic farming but don’t know how? Don’t be blindsided with the challenges that you might face in transitioning to an organic farm. While there are many considerations that have to be made, organic farming presents many benefits that make the challenges worth the while.

How do you define your organic values?

Organic farming has three basic goal values—the values of its product are sufficient, healthy, and sustainable. Before starting your organic farm, your organic values must first be clear to you. What is the ultimate goal of your farm in terms of food production and how are you going to reach these goals through sustainable means?

What are your personal goals in organic farming?

You can either learn about organic farming and nurture your skills or fulfill your need for organic produce that you can consume with health benefits in mind. If you want to hone your skills as an organic farmer, there is no better way to do it than start your own farm. On the other hand, you can also get into organic farming simply because you want to produce your own food, which you’re sure will be safe for you and your family to eat.

What are your environmental goals?

Surely, your decision to get into organic farming has also something to do with your environmental advocacies. What are these environmental goals? Do you want a more sustainable approach to farming? Do you want to stop the use of harmful chemicals on crops and vegetation? Your environmental goals must be clear to you because these will determine your approach to organic farming.

Would you like to run a family farm, a small-scale operation, or a huge farm?

What kind of an organic farm are you going to run? If it’s a family farm, you won’t need that much big of a space. If it’s a small-scale operation, you might need to take a few more courses to learn about the variety of crops you can grow. A large farm will, of course, require you to hire people to help you manage it.

What is your economic goal?

Your approach to your organic farm will depend on your economic goals. Are you looking to make a huge profit or do you want to run it enough to just live on? If you’re aiming for a huge profit, you might have to study more about how to run the farm as a business.

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