5 Things to Do to Market Your Organic Farming Products Better

organic farming

Before you start an organic farm, you have to decide on what products to grow. The best question is what your local market needs. What are the foods not available in your current market? That will separate you from the rest of the food producers. Organic farming is more than just about the method itself. It is also about marketing organic products to reach new markets. This will signal the growth of the industry, as well as your farm business. 


The first thing you have to focus on is to deliver exceptional services to your customers. That means making it convenient for them to buy your products. You can offer delivery services to your local market. You can also partner with courier services for customers outside your jurisdiction. Another service your business can offer is to allow customers to order a smaller portion size. While most organic farms require customers to order large quantities, you can allow your market to get a pound or even half a pound of your produce.


Make sure that the quality of your organic farming is like no other. Take special notice of their physical appearance and flavor. You can be a standout as an organic farmer if the quality of your products is beyond compare. 

Production Process

What’s your process like? Many consumers are concerned about the proper handling of their food, especially during this time. On your social media pages, show them how the products are being harvested, cleaned, and packed. Make sure that you are using purely organic practices or you could face the law. You are also required to ensure the quality of the water you use, as well as the labor practices on the farm. 


Marketing organic food products is about the experience of the customers, too. One thing you can offer them is a farm-to-table or farm-to-basket experience. They can pick their own food and you will charge them based on the weight of the vegetables and fruits they pick. Be strict with your farming guidelines because customers should not return fruits and vegetables they already picked. 


Your personality shines through to your business. If you have a fun and wacky character, that’s always something that customers will love returning to. It’s easier to attract consumers with your organic farming methods if you are likable, too. So, start honing your social skills and engage with your customers. Answer questions. Build up relationships. Make sure that they always feel welcome on your farm. 

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