Application And Concerns About Using Seaweed For Organic Farming

If you’re wandering around the beach and you happen to see someone with a large burlap bag picking up seaweed on the drier part of the beach, then you have found someone who might be using the seaweed for his/her organic farming needs. People who are into organic farms use only the most natural of fertilizers to keep their soil healthy so they are always looking for organic soil-boosters.

Seaweed is being considered as one of the easiest natural fertilizers to use in the soil so that’s why many of those who are into organic farming try their best to collect as many seaweed from the beach as they can.

Some gardeners tend to worry about too much, though. They are concerned about the amount of salt in seaweed and that’s why they don’t use them that much in their garden or farm.

However, many loyalists to seaweed have proven that it presents no negative impact on plants, vegetation, and crops. If you are still too concerned about the salt in seaweed, you can brush them off or shake off the “excess” salt off before putting them in the soil.

You may also want to check out your local beach codes. Most municipalities don’t mind people picking up seaweed from the beach but it is still best to check out the local laws regarding it. You shouldn’t run into a problem with removing seaweed from the beach because you’re not a commercial operation. Still, it’s best to check first.

Applying seaweed to your garden

Applying seaweed to your garden is easier than collecting seaweed from the beach. What you need is to treat the seaweed as you would compost or mulch. Simply place the seaweed around the plants.

Use as much as you can and don’t be skimpy with applying the seaweed. Your garden beds will do best with a generous amount of about four to six inches of applied seaweed.

Don’t think twice about using seaweed for your garden soil or organic farm. This has been proven as a natural fertilizer fit for gardens and farms. They contain over 60 trace minerals and ready-to-use nutrients including nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, and magnesium. It also contains hormones to encourage plant growth.

And unlike other garden amendments like manure, seaweed does not need to decompose before it can become a benefit to your garden or farm. You can apply it as soon as you pick it up from the beachside.

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