As Consumers, This Is How You Can Support Organic Farming

organic farming

It’s time that organic farming gets the support it deserves. For many years, the industry watched helplessly as conventional farmers receive subsidies and tax cuts from the government to produce as much food as they can. This has led to people depending more on conventional farming products because they are cheaper and easier to access. But the problem in the years to come is that these highly processed foods caused cancer and many other types of illnesses in people. This is why we find ourselves in the cusp of launching the greatest comeback to organic products. 

Today, people are more conscious than ever about the kinds of chemicals and substances they put into their bodies. If you have ever gone to the grocery recently, try to observe how people buy food. Aside from looking at the price tags, they are looking at the labels, too. Never before has that little nutritional chart printed on the side of a carton of milk been more important. Parents want calcium-rich milk for their kids. Generally, people don’t want high-sugar drinks and foods because they now know what these foods can do to their bodies. 

But that doesn’t mean the problem with sustaining the advances of organic farming is over. The industry is just starting to gain its footing in this brand-new lifestyle people are following. If we step back for a minute, they risk losing the opportunities and advances they have gained in the past decade. It’s time to push forward and as consumers, what you can do is to show your support by buying organic products. 

Think of the effects in the long run. Organic farming produces lower yields. It is a lot slower, too. That’s why its products are more expensive than products from conventional farms. But by buying organic products, you’re also encouraging other farmers to convert their conventional farms into organic farms. The more organic farms there are to produce the kind of food we want to eat, the less expensive these foods will be. 

And then, that also has an impact on our health insurance and emergency fund. If we are healthy and have no underlying medical conditions, we won’t have to pay for high health insurance premiums. We can save that money for leisure and other needs. You won’t have to worry about falling sick and not having the money for your medical needs. By simply eating the right food, you are going to save a ton of stress and heartbreak. 

But that’s not all that you can do. You have to speak to your policymakers and demand change in the policies in organic farming and processed foods. They have to know that people want better and healthier food choices. It all begins with the policies that the people we elect will pursue. 

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