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How Do Biosolids Benefit Us?

When you talk about biosolids, you may be familiar with the ongoing debate involved with this. The main issue that revolves around this topic stems from the fact that biosolids are processed using residential wastewater, which is the collection of wastewater that comes from our homes. Plenty of people have expressed numerous health and safety […]

Biosolids: Pros and Cons

Biosolids are well-known for their application in the agricultural industry. Because of their nutrient-rich properties and how they present a simple solution to an ongoing problem that we face with regards to waste disposal, it makes sense why more and more people are looking to use biosolids as an alternate form of fertilizer. It is […]

Will Biosolids Replace Conventional Fertilizers?

In a world where our natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate, and the outlook of our environment is looking more precarious than ever, it makes sense why plenty of people are looking for ways to lessen the load on Mother Earth. Biosolids are just one of the many solutions and alternatives that […]

Biosolids as a Source of Renewable Energy

Biosolids are commonly known for their extensive application and use in the agricultural industry. They are slowly becoming very popular as a type of natural fertilizer, and are very well known for its role in land reclamation projects. Because of its high nutrient content, these are the perfect type of materials that can be used […]

How Biosolids Are Used at Home

When you hear about biosolids, you often hear and learn about these in relation to the agricultural industry. Plenty of farmers are looking to use these materials as a way to boost the quality of their soil, as well as help restore lost nutrients to their soil which is usually damaged by chemical or artificial […]

Land Reclamation Projects That Biosolids Are Used In

Biosolids are commonly used in land applications, although, they do have alternate applications, such as an alternate source of natural energy. One of the most common applications of biosolids is in the agricultural industry. This is because of the abundance of nutrients naturally present in biosolids, which can be used in soil and boosts the […]