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How Best to Make a Profit From Organic Farming

With organic farms, you are hitting two birds with one stone. On one hand, you are helping make the environment more sustainable. On the other, you are going to make a handsome profit from many people who are now into organic farming because they are more aware of the dangers of conventionally grown food. They […]

organic farming

Is Organic Farming Profitable?

The practice of organic farming is profitable and worthwhile, studies showed. Organic farming methods have a positive effect on the environment. It is also profitable for farmers in general. But the problem is, organic farms represent only 1% of the total farmlands in the world.  The main problem lies in the lower yields that organic […]

organic farming

Organic Farming in Third-world Countries

Third-world countries are saying yes to organic farming. It’s very possible, based on studies, that organic farming may be the answer to the problems that farmers and the farming sector face in underdeveloped countries. In many parts of the world, the farming sector has the highest poverty incidence. The reason for this is because of […]

Understanding the Challenges of Organic Farming

Organic farming is nothing new in the field of agriculture. Anyone who has an inkling about farming and agriculture knows about organic farming and the many benefits that it offers. However, there are certain challenges that only those in this field can comprehend. These challenges hinder the growth of this particular field. These problems also […]

organic farming

4 Things Beginners in Organic Farming Need to Know

Farming is considered one of the oldest professions. And yet, many still don’t know how to do it smartly. Even organic farming, which has been present for hundreds of years, remain to be a mystery for many people. For conventional farmers who want to transition to organic farms, the journey is arduous. For people who […]

Organic farming

Organic Farming Helps Mitigate Climate Change

The methods and systems followed by organic farming lessen its carbon footprint and mitigate climate change and global warming. Studies said that organic agriculture reduces non-renewable energy usage and thus, decreases agrochemical needs. The use of pesticides, insecticides, and synthetic fertilizers, for example, require high quantities of fossil fuel. Organic methods reduce the depletion of […]

organic farming

Is Organic Farming Cheaper Than Conventional Farming?

Many people find it hard to invest in organic food because they are more expensive than other types of food in the market. Food produced from conventional farming methods is easier to produce and thus, cheaper to sell. This clearly explains the huge difference in the prices of these organic farming and conventional farming foods […]

organic farming

Organic Farming Is Easier in Developing Countries

For years, there has been a belief that organic farming works better in highly developed Western nations. But this is seemingly not the case. Recent studies show that organic agriculture is easier for developing countries. Not only is this form of agriculture increasing its food supply, but it is also making farms more sustainable in […]