Basic Steps to Get Started With Organic Farming

Organic farming is not an industry that is for everyone, and it is not an easy industry to break into. Farming is a difficult enough industry to get into in itself, but if making the decision to go down the organic route is definitely not an easy one.

A lot of people show interest in becoming an organic farmer simply because they see the rows of organic produce for sale at their local grocer’s and how much these products cost. Seeing the cost of these, they decide that producing organic products must be a very lucrative industry and decide to get into it.

However, you should know that organic farming is not an industry that you get into just for the money. You need to have a passion for what you do and what the long-term effects of your actions are. If you get into organics simply for the money, it is assured that you’re not going to last long in this industry.

If you decide this is really the career choice for you, here are some basic steps to help you get started with organic farming.


As mentioned before, getting into organic production requires you to care about more than just making money off of it. Organics is not an industry that is driven by money.

To give you a little bit of an idea, if you’re switching from conventional farming into organic, your farmland must be pesticide and chemical-free for a minimum of three years before your first harvest for it to qualify for one of the criteria for organic certification.

Getting the organic label certification means compliance with a lot of difficult requirements like these, and if you don’t care about what you’re doing, then you’re going to have a hard time thriving in this industry.

Educate yourself

Now that you’ve decided on pursuing this career, you should get yourself educated on how you’re going to pursue the agricultural aspect of this. You should look into enrolling yourself into an agricultural program at your local college to help you get a good look and insight into what it means to get into farming.

Get some experience under your belt

Now that you have some knowledge about this, it’s time to get some experience under your belt. It’s great to learn from books, but getting hands-on experience is an excellent way of getting a feel for what it means to actually be in the middle of organic farming. Book learning can only get you so far, and it can never replace what it means to get some upfront experience into this.

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