Benefits of Biosolids To Growers And Communities

There’s a growing misunderstanding among communities and growers of the advantages of using biosolids in their agricultural farms and ranches. This fact is not lost to seasoned producers of biosolids, which many believe to be some kind of glorified compost. Though there is a grain of truth in that belief, let us remember that biosolids, in a nutshell, is the byproduct of a long and tedious process that separates the solids from the liquid state of wastewater sludge. The difference between compost and biosolids is telling in the varied process they undergo.

To better understand why biosolids should be welcomed in every community, here are the benefits of using it.


Essentially, biosolids came from domestic waste and garbage. This is not lost to many communities and neighborhoods. What they see when the term biosolids is heard is simply garbage. But because biosolids go through different processes of treatment and cleansing, what comes out after is an organic byproduct that can be used to grow food in farms and ranches.


Biosolids are numerous times cheaper than chemical fertilizers. Farmers are so used to applying chemical fertilizers on their crops that we barely wince when we consume products that grew from commercial-grade fertilizers. We don’t really know what these contain, right? So many studies have already pointed out the drawbacks of using fertilizers and pesticides made of chemicals. It’s time that farmers and communities accept the use of biosolids as the most cost efficient method.

Essential organic nutrients

Biosolids naturally potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, which farmers pay thousands of dollars in chemical fertilizers for. The reason why we use chemical fertilizers on our crops and vegetation is because of the plants’ need for these all-important nutrients. There are many other organic nutrients found in biosolids that could not be found in chemical fertilizers.

Less odor

Fortunately, a lot of biosolids facilities found a way for this organic product to smell a little less bad. The reason why many communities frown at the presence of biosolid plants and even of farms that utilize biosolids is because of the odor that emanates during the usage and transportation of biosolids. This should not be a problem now because there are many methods that can be applied to take away that strong odor from biosolids.

Communities, growers, and farmers should start opening their arms to the use of biosolids because not only does it help the environment, but it is also sustainable, way cheaper, and more “natural.”

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