Biosolids For Forestland Fertilization

In the United States, harvesting timber and other forest-related products is a big contributor to the economic activities of many, many states that are rich in forest resources. That’s why it is extremely important to understand the application of biosolids for forestland as a critical phase in the management of harvesting timber and forest products.

The total amount of economic impact that forestlands have in many states is staggering. In Virginia, it is said to be around $75 billion. That’s not even taking into account the impact on employment. But more importantly, when it comes to the environment, the protection of the forest has a direct impact on the health of streams and soils. After all, forests keep the runoff from the streams and soils, as well as help clean the air that we breathe.

But as the population increases, this also impacts the forestland owners to sustain their land for the various uses that we expect from them. This challenge has pushed forestland owners in the past to employ a variety of practices that would boost the forestland soil and enhance tree growth.

The application of biosolids to forests is a widely recognized practice and an effective method for the fertilization and the conditioning of the soil. The presence of biosolids, which are rich in potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, in forestlands enhances tree growth and improve wildlife habitat. And when best management practices are employed, biosolids in forestland could also help protect and ensure the water quality in the area.

Pine forests, in particular, according to research and studies, are well suited to the land application of biosolids. If you love getting those fresh Christmas trees during the holidays, you’d have to thank the fertilization capabilities of biosolids for that. Many forestland owners who produce pine trees or Christmas trees use biosolids to fertilize their soil and boost the growth of the trees.

It is essential to note, however, that even though forestland owners are encouraged to use biosolids for their land, it is not without the monitoring of the municipality which the land is under. Forestland owners who choose biosolids to fertilize their land must work with a contractor approved and accredited by the municipality to coordinate the proper nutrient management planning for the forest.

This monitoring process is important for the municipalities to ensure the health of the forestlands and maintain the surrounding soil free from pathogens and contaminants. These might seep through when the wrong management of biosolids is done.

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