10 Frequently Asked Questions About Biosolids

Biosolids are solid organic byproduct of purification systems that treat wastewater from homes and industries. They came from the residuals and solids that are left by wastewater processing and treatment of communities’ municipal and private wastewater. Biosolids are rich in nutrients and they can be recycled beneficially and used as a natural fertilizer or soil […]

Biosolids Compost For Gardening

You may have heard and noticed that there is a continuous debate about the benefits of using biosolids compost as organic fertilizers and natural amendments for gardens, farms, and agricultural lands. Some experts agree that using biosolids can help the environment and that it is the solution to many of our waste problems. However, there […]

Determining The Quality of Biosolids

Over the years, the quality of biosolids has greatly improved, thanks largely to the technologies that have been developed. But there was a time that the greatest concern on the use of biosolids was the amount of high concentrations of heavy metals and pathogens that could potentially be left in the land where the biosolids […]

How To Choose The Right Organic Soil When Gardening

Now that you’re ready to dig in and start your gardening journey, you need to remember a few things. The most important thing to remember is that the soil you will choose will determine the growth and even the beauty of your garden. Choose the wrong soil and you will risk the proper progression of […]

Protecting Biosolids Compost Workers From Health Risks

Biosolids compost workers are constantly being exposed to a lot of allergies- and infections-causing organisms because basically, they are dealing with garbage. Although wastewater sludge has already been treated when it passed by the first process of dealing with household waste materials, it is not without one of the most common fungus known as Aspergillus […]

Limitations of Biosolids Composting

Although it is widely believed that biosolids composting is beneficial to the community, to farmlands, and especially to the environment, there are still limitations to this process that may cause some to turn their backs on the advantages of treating wastewater sludge (to be called biosolids post-treatment). Yes, the benefits have limitations. Treating biosolids and […]

Odor Control For Biosolids Management

The treatment and disposal of wastewater sludge or biosolids is regulated by the United States Environment Protection Agency (US EPA). It is a catalyst to a sounder environment process in terms of disposing garbage and wastewater sludge. But, it also faces a bigger problem with the control of odor the emanates from facilities that treat […]

Explaining The Various Biosolids Management Options

For years, many didn’t understand how biosolids came to be, how they are being used, how beneficial are they on land, and how to manage them. It is only in the last decade that people begin noticing how important biosolids is in terms of crop production and boosting nutrient-rich organic soil. Basically, there are three […]

Using Biosolids For Agricultural Land

For decades, biosolids has been used and applied on agricultural land for various reasons and benefits. All throughout the world, this practice has been applied with great success. There are, of course, some misconceptions on this regard because biosolids are effectively just sewage sludge that has been treated and has passed regulations. The United States […]