Bringing Organic Farming Closer To The Local Community

Even if you’re now selling your organic farming products to big corporations and restaurants, you somehow started with a small market. Your very first market would have been the community that lives near your farm. These were the first people you sold your organic products to. They are the first ones to see you sell your products in the local farmers’ market.

The support that you gained from the local community brought your farm to where it is now. It has opened your eyes to the misconceptions linked to organic farming, allowing you to address and clarify these rumors.

Starting an organic farm is no joke. It takes a lot of commitment, hard work, and sacrifice to execute a plan. But you cannot do it on your own. You need the local community to rally behind you and during the first few years, support your organic products. So, how are you going to bring your farm’s products closer to the community? How are you going to teach the local community about the importance of organic farming?

Participate in Local Community Events

Community events help bring people closer together. It strengthens the bond of the community and it provides opportunities for participation, volunteering, and the development of social skills. Choose a community event where you can talk and teach about organic farming.

You can put up a screen filming about the effects of conventional farming on the environment or organize a pub quiz or organize a festival that highlights organic products.

Teach Pre-school Students about Organic Farming

Remember when you were kids and your teacher would ask you to participate in show-and-tell? You can partner with a local pre-school and teach children the importance of responsible farming and sustainable environment. You can show photos of the farm and explain how the process is done. You can even invite the kids over to your farm to show them how it is being managed.

Join the Local Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ markets are the linchpin of every community. Depending on where you are, farmers’ markets are available every weekend only or in some towns, during the whole week. You can bring your organic products to the farmers’ market since these are some of the most sellable items.

When people go to a farmers’ market, they expect to see gourmet dishes, organically-grown produce, handmade items, herbal items, and some antique pieces.

The local community will play a huge role in the success of your organic farm. Their support will allow you to get by during the first few years of your business.

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