Building Communities Through Organic Farming

Do you know that you can lead the way in community building by simply teaching your neighbors the importance and benefits of organic farming? If communities and neighborhoods can bond over their common love for the local sports team or even a particular episode of Game of Throne or The Bachelor, they sure can be built and founded on their common love of saving the environment and changing the way we use our natural resources.

What’s that again? Communities joining hands to save the environment. Yes, we’ve seen it all over the world. Now more than ever, we must open our eyes to the realities that we’re living in a world that’s either extremely cold (polar vortex, anyone?) or extremely hot (you should see Australian roads melting tires off vehicles).

Fortunately, we can all do our own part in helping the environment sustain itself. The simplest way is for us to start consuming organic products so organic farmers will earn more and further widen their reach.

This will help keep the costs of organic products down while we can also farm our own organic fruits and vegetation right at our backyard.

Once we are finished learning how to turn our gardens into mini organic farms, we can then begin teaching to our neighborhood how to do it and why it will benefit everyone in the community.

You see, when the soil is rich, when we care about the nutritional component of the soil enough for us to even make compost or buy a soil amendment, it helps produce not only organic fruits or vegetables, but it also makes flowers, plants, and other shrubs lead fuller and healthier lives.

Attend and discuss in town meetings

Do you have regular town meetings? This is the best place to discuss your interest in organic farming and to persuade others to join your crusade of amending your neighborhood soil to make them healthier for gardens and farms.

Sure, not everyone will be thrilled with your idea at first but once they begin to see how healthy-looking their plants are, they will surely realize that you are on the right path.

Join community festivities

Your neighbors may not exactly warm up to the idea of joint organic farming in the community but they will be interested with what you’re doing and what you’re producing at your own backyard.

If there’s a fair or fest happening in the community, make sure to join them and showcase your organic produce and plants. This is a surefire way of attracting the interest of the community.

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