Can You Eat Meat and Still Support Organic Farming?

You may have noticed that there is a large wave of support for environmentalism and its associated industries, like the organic farming industry. Because of the state of our world, it is important that we all play our parts in minimizing our climate change impact and try to repair what’s left. 

One of the most common things you may hear from advocates of environmental awareness is the call to eat less meat. When you look at things objectively, you can see where the call comes from. After all, the food industry plays a large role in climate impact, and the meat industry is one of the biggest food industries around. 

However, keep in mind that many people cannot simply cut meat out of their diets completely because of a number of reasons. This is not a reason to claim that they do not support the environmental movement. Everyone has the chance to play their part in repairing the damage to environmentalism. 

Fortunately, it is very much possible to continue incorporating meat into your daily diet while supporting organic farming and the environmental movement. The key is sustainability. When you’re looking to balance sustainability with meat consumption, the most important thing to remember is quality and ethical meat sources. 

If you cannot cut out meat, then you should make sure that the meat that you are consuming is of top quality and follows ethical production practices. You will usually find these from local farms. The great thing about this approach is that you are able to have access to quality meat and learn more about it firsthand. 

This will help you develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the meat that you are eating, making it easier to adopt a mindful shopping approach and learn to choose your meat more carefully. Another important step to take if you’re looking for sustainable meat consumption is minimizing your meat intake. 

Even if you choose the very best quality meat, this is still notably impactful on the environment. By minimizing your meat consumption to a couple of times a week, you are able to play a small, yet significant role in minimizing carbon emissions. 

There are plenty of online resources available to help you come up with meals and dishes that use minimal meat ingredients. You can look into altering your perspective by having meat play a side role, rather than having it as the main ingredient in every meal that you eat. You will find that making these small changes is significantly easier than cutting out meat from your life entirely.

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