Careers Within the Organic Farming Industry

Given how popular the organic farming and organics industry as a whole is, it is no surprise that many people are looking to this industry for their long-term career plans. Some people are worried about being a part of this industry because it may seem like the only way you can make a career out of organics is by being a farmer.

While this is a great career for many people, others will not take to it as well. You may be happy to learn that it is very much possible to make a good career in the organics industry without getting into organic farming. Here are some of the possible careers you can have here.

Organic restaurateur

While demand for organic food has definitely gone up, many people don’t like having to go through the trouble of cooking their food. Because of this, there is a definite demand for organic restaurants, which is a path that you may want to seriously consider if you’re interested in the ins and outs of organic food without wanting to be part of the cultivation part of it.

Organic chef

If, however, you’re interested in exploring the limits of organic food and how they can be utilized in dishes, then a career as a chef in organic food might be a good fit for you. As a head chef, you can come up with dishes that best bring out the natural flavor and nutritional quality of organic food products.

Organic retailer

Since there is such a demand for organic products, you may be interested in being an organic retailer. This is someone who sells and distributes organic products. If you want to take it further, you can look into specializing in a specific niche of organic products to sell.

Organic agricultural manager

The organic farming industry is full of niches that you can look into as a career, even if you’re not interested in cultivating the crops yourself. One career path that you can consider is one as an organic agricultural manager. You would still be working with the cultivation, but it is more of a desk job than a field one. This role would entail the responsibility of the logistics involved with running an organic farm. Planning, bookkeeping, and marketing are just a few of the roles involved with this job.

Organic certifying agent

Of course, you can always get a job as an organic certifying agent. Their main responsibility involves working with organic farmers comply with the requirements needed for organic certification. These professionals are important as they play an important role in maintaining the quality and standards of the organic products that get put on the market.

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