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Understanding the Specifics of Biosolids Management

Waste management is something that is being heavily encouraged nowadays. With signs being put up everywhere, urging you to manage your waste properly, and stores are now promoting products that advertise themselves to be “environmentally-responsible!”. It seems like everybody is doing their part to try to preserve the natural beauty and resources of the earth […]

How Community Acceptance Benefits Biosolids Management

The reason that biosolids management has faced challenges and difficulties even with the wide array of resources and information available on the internet is because of negative public perception. As long as communities try to reject the benefits of using biosolids in their land, the management, production, disposal, and transportation of biosolids will fail to […]

What To Look For In A Biosolids Management Facility

If you are familiar with the use of biosolids, then you also should know about biosolids management and how they are being regulated. Every state has a different set of requirements for biosolids treatment facilities, but the federal government has imposed through its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for treatment plants to follow certain regulations, mainly […]

Ways To Know That Biosolids Are Safe

The main issue against the use of biosolids on land application is whether it is safe for human consumption. Not the biosolids per se, but the produce and the crops that use it as organic fertilizer. This is an understandable concern from the communities that are exposed to biosolids, but fret not because there are […]

Odor Control For Biosolids Management

The treatment and disposal of wastewater sludge or biosolids is regulated by the United States Environment Protection Agency (US EPA). It is a catalyst to a sounder environment process in terms of disposing garbage and wastewater sludge. But, it also faces a bigger problem with the control of odor the emanates from facilities that treat […]