How To Choose The Right Organic Soil When Gardening

Now that you’re ready to dig in and start your gardening journey, you need to remember a few things. The most important thing to remember is that the soil you will choose will determine the growth and even the beauty of your garden. Choose the wrong soil and you will risk the proper progression of your garden. Choose the right one, an organic soil, in particular, and you’ll soon realize that soil really matters when it comes to gardening.

Test your soil

Once you have decided to start gardening, it’s time to test your current soil. There’s a home kit that can tell you the pH level and the nutrient levels of your garden soil. There’s a solid chance that you would need to amend your soil using organic soils, organic planting mix, organic mulch, and organic fertilizers.

Organic garden soil

The first basic ingredient for your garden is your soil. The soil you have in your garden is likely to be lacking in nutrients and the right composition. This is where organic soil comes in. It will help your plants and flowers grow and it will help the overall garden thrive. Organic soil is great for a wide array of gardens and plants—lawns, flowers, herbs, vegetable, and even fruits. Organic soil is enriched with nutrients sourced naturally from treated human and animal waste. The right soil will improve the drainage properties of the soil which is great for cacti and succulents, as well as lower the pH level for acid-loving plants.

Organic planting mix

If you need to grow a shrub, rose bush, large ornamental grass, or tree, you will probably need to use an organic planting mix. This will improve the soil in the planting hole, and is not meant to replace the structure of the garden soil itself. This is very unlike organic garden soil, which is used for potted plants. An organic planting mix is made up of organic matter such as aged arbor fines, rice hulls, and peat moss. It is a good supplement for your soil.

Organic fertilizers

Your current soil might be deficient in nutrients and might have imbalanced pH levels (acidic or alkaline). Organic fertilizers, once applied on the soil, will help in the fertility of the soil and improve the current pH level. It can also help feed a healthy ecosystem. Organic fertilizers, unlike chemical fertilizers, are good for the soil and the environment in general.

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