Communities Benefiting From Presence of Biosolids Treatment Plant

For many, the presence of a biosolids treatment plant in a community or neighborhood could be the reason why they would turn down the opportunity to own a prime real estate. After all, nobody wants to live near a treatment plant for sewage waste, right? The misconception is that a homeowner will suffer from the strong odor emanating from the treatment plant and that there would be huge trucks arriving to and leaving the facilities every day that there is no chance for a normal Sunday morning.

These are misconceptions that should be thrown out the window. Biosolids treatment facilities are massive in size with tall walls that turn everything around it miniscule in comparison. The reason for this is not because the processes are some top government secrets that no one can see. This is for the protection of the neighborhood and the community where the treatment plant is located. Since there was a public backlash against placing treatment facilities near residential neighborhoods, these treatment plants made the ultimate sacrifice by investing in tall walls and massive spaces that would keep the main building away from the entrance of the plant.

What communities and neighborhoods fail to learn is that there are actual benefits that the presence of a biosolids treatment plant brings to them.

Cheaper price of biosolids

Although biosolids are generally less expensive than chemical fertilizers, they can be quite expensive, too, if you buy them in bulk. And for now, biosolids, especially Class A biosolids can only be bough by sacks and not by portion. But the presence of a treatment plant in your neighborhood means the transportation expense would be subtracted from the actual price of the biosolids. As a businessman or a homeowner, you can directly source your biosolids from the treatment plant, allowing you a breathing room to haggle for the price per sack. Since the biosolids is coming directly from the plant, which means there’s no expense on transportation, handling, distribution, etc., it can be given to you at a lower price.

If you’re wondering where to use biosolids, you can use it for your home gardens, your driveway or if you own a business, in the aisles between your parking lots. Since biosolids enrich the soil, flowers and plants would bloom faster than using commercial-grade fertilizers. Of course, if you own an agricultural land, the presence of a biosolids treatment plant is even more beneficial for you. Not to mention, economical, too.

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