Composting For Biosolids And How To Use Them

The use of composting for biosolids has been a controversial issue for years. experts advocate that it is safe to use for agriculture and even home gardening while others disagree and say that biosolids contain harmful toxins that should never be used to grow edibles.

By definition, biosolids is an organic material made out of wastewater solids, meaning everything that you flush down the toilet or the drain can turn into a biosolid material. Once you gather these waste materials, they are broken down by microorganisms and drained of excess water. After all the water has been drained from the wastewater, only the solid materials will remain. These materials will then be treated by heat to remove pathogens and all remaining toxins that can be harmful to the soil.

This is the process of treatment approved and recommended by the FDA. Anything less than this rigorous process and cleanup would not be allowed to produce organic soil for agriculture and home gardening. Any kind of biosolid materials that are created in wastewater treatment plants are supposed to follow strict guidelines set by the FDA. They are also tested often to make sure they do not contain any pathogens and toxins.

But the FDA has been adamant about how usable and safe properly treated manure or biosolids are. It is a safe and an effective fertilizer, the FDA said in its study. It must be emphasized that untreated and recontaminated manure or biosolids is a major concern for public health and produce.

Usage of biosolids

Biosolids can be used both in agriculture land and in home gardens. Proper biosolid management can produce natural materials that can add nutrients to vegetable gardens. It will also create better and healthier soil for the growth and production of other crops, fruits, and vegetables. In a nutshell, biosolids contribute to the health and growth of the soil by adding these: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, copper, and zinc.

If you are going to use biosolids in your home gardens, make sure you know where they are coming from. Get them from a reputable treatment facility like BS Ranch & Farm because they follow strict guidelines and procedures to ensure that government safety standards are being followed before the biosolid products are made available for purchase.

Also, it’s important to understand the process of biosolid management and composting for biosolids if you are going to start using this product to your agricultural land or home garden.

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