Did eCommerce Affect Organic Farming Sales?

organic farming

There are already some figures indicating that the pandemic gave way for people to realize the benefits of organic farming and how it can be advantageous to our health. There is no question to the fact that this type of farming method is the healthier choice. At a time when we are trying to boost our immune systems, this is the only answer we need to know.

But there is another phenomenon that’s been happening in the field of organic agriculture. That is ecommerce. The shift from conventional retail to online stores has been sensational. If anything, businesses thrived more because ecommerce is less expensive than operating physical stores. That realization alone led many to close down their physical shops for good and operate from warehouses, ghost kitchens, and their home garages.

Although the numbers are not final, it looks like organic farming also thrived in an ecommerce setting. There are certainly challenges with the delivery of the produce as close to harvest time as possible, but the overall response by the public has been positive. With them learning the importance of the food they consume, consumers are willing to put money into buying better produce.

In virtual fairs, consumers are interested in how the crops are grown and how the farmers can promise that even after their arrival in the consumers’ homes, the produce will still be as fresh as if they are newly harvested. The trick here has to do with the timing of the harvest, as well as the speed of transporting these to couriers or warehouses where they will be packed and sent to their intended recipients.

Several reports noted that there are more orders today than before. People want better food. They are interested in investing in their health and bodies, so they buy organic vegetables and fruits in bulk. Even in the foreseeable future, this will already be a norm, experts believe.

For excess produce, the governments are purchasing these from farmers and sending them to food banks and other non-profit organizations that help the less fortunate. Programs are also available to assist farmers in transitioning to this new form of retail.

Although online stores have been around for quite some time, they have not been present in organic farming as organic produce receive more support in farmers’ market and even specialty grocery stores. Maybe this pandemic will change the future of organic agriculture vis-à-vis eCommerce.

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