Different Methods Used To Apply Biosolids

There are many methods to apply biosolids on your land. The type of method will largely depend on the type of soil you have and the consistency of biosolids. While most biosolids is made with the exact same process in probably wastewater treatment plants that use the same technologies, it is still prudent for soil experts to check whether the biosolids to be applied met the necessary requirements for plant and crop growth.

Inject into soil or applied to land surface

Liquid biosolids needs to be either injected into the soil or sprayed on the land surface. Liquid biosolids is essentially made up of 94 to 97 percent water with 3 to 6 percent solids. Specialized vehicles are being used to inject the biosolids into the soil. Otherwise, not enough biosolids will get into the soil and it may eventually affect the growth of the crops because not enough nutrients are getting into it. The tankers used for the injection of biosolids have hoses leading from the storage tank to the injection nozzles that then release the biosolids.

On the other hand, modified tanker trucks are the ones being used for the surface application of the biosolids. In order for this organic matter to get into the soil, conventional farm equipment is being used. A rake, for example, can help the biosolids get into the soil.

Liquid biosolids is hard to transport and store. In fact, many businesses could lose their investment and their capital because liquid biosolids could potentially leak. That is why the amount of water in biosolids will most likely be reduced prior to the transportation of the matter. There are different mechanical processes to reduce the amount of water—draining, pressing, and centrifuging.

What will remain is a material that is composed of up to 30 percent dry solids. Imagine a damp soil, that will be the consistency and texture of this material. It will not require any specialized process or equipment. Anyone can use conventional farming equipment like manure spreader and tractors to apply dewatered biosolids on land.

The vital thing about the application of biosolids on farms, ranches, gardens, and other agricultural lands is to make sure that it has been treated properly. Though there are many different methods on how biosolids is being applied, the treatment of biosolids go through one process only. Without such process, there is no biosolids to speak of and the emergence of organic soil will merely be an imagination.

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