Educating the Public About Organic Farming During a Pandemic

organic farming

There is renewed interest in organic foods and organic farming today because of the coronavirus outbreak. People finally understood how important it is to take care of their health. And part of that is by eating healthily and consuming foods the right way. The current health crisis seems to be having an impact on consumer demand for organic food products. 

Online Sellers

Online sellers are reporting the highest increase in their sales of organic foods. In fact, many organic producers have started putting limitations on just how many their customers can buy because of the unprecedented demand for organic food. Producers, distributors, and store owners are reporting an increase in demand somewhere between 25% and 30%. 

At a time of a pandemic, the organic farming industry is faring better than the conventional farming industry. There is more interest in a sustainable way of living and producing food. Consumers are beginning to see the direct link between nutrition and health. This resulted in a surge of interest for products they deem as healthy. They believe organic food products can protect them from contacting the dreaded coronavirus.


People are searching for foods that will offer them “immunity” from the virus. They also want to consume products that will boost their immune systems. They turn to vegetables and fruits for that. There has been an uptick in the search for kombucha, pickled vegetables, and bitter melon because there is some belief that these can protect them from the virus. 

But consumers don’t just want food grown the conventional way. They want to make sure that the food is safe from harmful substances and chemicals that can weaken their immune systems. They see organic food as safer alternatives than food grown the conventional way. 

Every time there is a pandemic such as the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003, consumers look to prevent the diseases and improve their health. They turn to organic food because deep inside, they know that consuming food with preservatives and growth hormones are not good for their health. Organic foods tend to get a sales boost every time there’s a health scare. 

Various studies already showed that organic foods have more nutrients than conventional foods. Consumers buy organic food because they know these are better for their health. They are considered safer and more nutritious than conventional foods. This is great for the local organic farming community because consumers order organic food in their localities. 

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