Finding Quality Biosolids Suppliers

Whether you own an agricultural land, a ranch, a farm, or just a tiny little garden, we’re sure you’ve heard about using biosolids as organic fertilizers for your crops, vegetations, and plants. When you finally decide to use biosolids instead of commercial-grade fertilizers, it’s then time to find the right supplier who can deliver the best quality biosolids for your produce or plants.

But, how do you find one quality supplier among the hundreds of biosolids producers out there claiming to be the best in the industry?

Do your research

The treatment of wastewater sludge to produce biosolids is under the monitoring and the observance of the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. If you have any questions at all about the quality of biosolids being sold to you, give the agency a call and get hold of someone who can give you information on the biosolids in the market. The agency may also have a list of accredited treatment plants that produce the best (Class A) biosolids, which can be used on food production. The important thing before purchasing biosolids is knowing everything there is to know about it. What kind of biosolids do you need? How is it applied? How do you classify a Class A from Class B biosolids?

Ask local farmers

Local farmers know best where to get organic fertilizers such as biosolids. They are in the same industry, so they’ve got to inform themselves of who’s producing the best one in the market. Ask them about who their supplier is. Most farmers encourage the use of biosolids in farms and forestlands near them because they share the same soil and using chemical fertilizers on a nearby soil could also potentially damage the amendments made on their land.

Pick a reputable supplier

But, the question is how will you know which one is reputable, right? Do basic research by scourging the internet about the particular company you’re eyeing. Are there are complaints about their products or their services? Do they have a website you can check? Are they complying with the government requirements in producing biosolids? What is the mission and the vision of the company?

If you are still not satisfied, you can do more legwork by actually visiting the facility where the biosolids are being produced. It may not be the most pleasant smelling of visits, but it will allow you to see the process and the systems being followed to produce quality-grade biosolids.

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