Four Steps In Planning A Guide For Developing A Biosolids Utilization System

Sharing information and knowledge about the utilization of biosolids is important in developing a system. This plan can be developed in a relatively short period of time if lessons learned from other communities can be shared and applied to meet local needs.

These four steps are critical in driving up the development of a biosolids utilization system. These should be used by many local communities in establishing a system that will apply the biosolids most effectively and efficiently.

Plan for the basic requirements

The first step to developing a sound system is meeting the basic requirements of licenses, fees, permits, etc. Once these have all been secured, the treatment plant managers must develop an awareness campaign for the community to understand the importance of applying and using biosolids.

The managers must also hire competent people to run the treatment plants and develop schemes to make the application of the biosolids easier.

Another thing that you should focus on is securing the budget for the treatment plants and strengthening the support of the politicians. Political support will play a critical role in receiving the budget from the government to run and manage treatment plants.

Involve stakeholders

It is important to share ideas and knowledge with the stakeholders—the politicians, the community leaders, and the local neighborhood and businesses.

You should also tap the private sector and the educators because they will need to understand and accept that they also have functions and responsibilities in the utilization of biosolids. It is also important not to rush the process because community acceptance is essential for the success of the biosolids system.

Meet standards and establish capacities

Certification programs and training licenses must be established before a treatment plant is sustained and managed well. Only skilled and qualified people will be able to build and operate the sustaining system.

The first step to establishing capacities is education then next, is monitoring ecosystems then, developing standards and achieving compliance, and finally, providing accessible and affordable services and products that would suit local needs.

Establish a sustainable system and practices

The goals of developing a sound system and practice for the utilization of biosolids are the following: protect human health, protect the ecosystem, restore and preserve the ecosystem, and develop an environmentally sustainable plan.

An efficient and effective biosolids management system must be in place to achieve all these four goals. That management system must be compliant with strict guidelines and regulations.

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