How Organic Farming Is Adapting During the Pandemic

Organic farming

There are so much upheaval and insecurity in the economy that you would think no industry was spared from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. But it might be surprising for some that the organic farming industry did not only survive the height of the outbreak, but it also thrived. And why is that? What are the main drivers of how the organic industry grew during the pandemic?

Health Concerns

Consumers are concerned about their health. They are worried that the years they spent binging on junk food and eating canned goods will come up to them in the most inopportune time. You can’t get sick right now because people automatically think you have the coronavirus. Not only is it mental torture to wait for the test results, but the support is also lacking.

So, what people did was to eat healthily during the outbreak. They decided that it’s about time they become responsible for the way they consume food. That’s when they decided to stay away from unhealthy food and eat organically grown and processed foods.


People are staying more at home than ever before. This means they are also cooking at home rather than dining out. This forces them to consider the nutritional value of the food that they prepare. They go to the grocery or the farmers’ market to buy the ingredients. That pushed them to check the nutrients that get into their systems whenever they purchase an organic pumpkin as opposed to conventionally grown ones.

They can better prepare their meals at home, too. They have to think of every aspect and element that goes into cooking it—from the oil they use to the garnishes. The past months may have made them appreciate the process and art of preparing food for their families. This might mean they are also more interested in pursuing healthier meals.

Purchase Power

More than 14 million Americans are unemployed right now, with many more to come as the economy starts its deepest recession yet. This means people have less purchase power to eat out or buy takeout food. The pandemic is forcing them to think of ways they can save up on food. One of the things they can do is attend a farmers’ market where they can get baskets of fruits and vegetables at a lower price.

They said organic farming won’t feed the world but why is it that it’s only one of the few industries that thrived during the pandemic?

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