How Organic Farming Opens Economic Opportunities For The Community

If we are to leave this world a better place for our children and our children’s children, we must do all we can to sustain the environment. We need to meet the demands of the present without diminishing the opportunities of tomorrow, right? We can do that through organic farming, which eliminates the need to use synthetic chemicals that have proven to be harmful to the environment.

Fortunately, even urban dwellers are growing organic products in their own backyards or in the case of those living in condominium units, in their small patio. This presents great economic opportunities not only for the growers or farmers but also for the whole community. Why?

Access to Healthy and Nutritious Food

This is especially important in impoverished communities. Those who can grow nutritious vegetables and fruits in their own backyards can give away their products to children in the neighborhood. Or at the very least, they can sell the produce for cheaper the price than in grocery stores. This allows these kids, who are often malnourished, to access healthy foods.

Growth in Local Economy

The presence of organic products in the community will help income circulate throughout the region or any particular area. Instead of community members traveling to distant places or to the next town to buy organic products, they can do so right in their very own neighborhood. This helps the local economy grow.

Create Jobs

Organic farms stimulates the local economy, right? This also leads to growth in other businesses that can then create jobs for members of the community. Organic farming creates opportunities for people to volunteer their time to the same cause or start a hobby they can eventually turn into a profit-rearing business.

Security in Food Supply

Issues of access to healthy and nutritious foods are prevalent even in urban areas. Organic produce from organic farming tends to be too expensive even to those who earn quite well. People end up purchasing food products that were grown in conventional farms because organic foods are just too pricey.

Education for Children

The existence of organic farms in communities educates kids about the importance of choosing healthy and nutritious food products. It also makes them aware where the food is coming from since there seems to be a disconnect about where our food is coming from.

The common interest of every neighborhood is food. When there’s an organic farm in the neighborhood, the community will most likely support it by buying its products. Not only does the practice of organic farming create economic opportunities for the local government, but it also brings people together.

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