How Should You Convince A Community About The Benefits of Biosolids?

The problem with biosolids management is that there are many communities who are still not open to the idea of recycling and treating sewage sludge. So even though there is enough proof that biosolids are beneficial to an agricultural community or to an area with large forestlands, certain communities would still frown upon its use and the presence of water treatment plants near their residences. But in order for biosolids to be a way rather than an exception, municipalities and local governments have to take charge in building confidence among their constituents.

Educate, educate, educate

Bombard the community with information about biosolids. Everything about biosolids can be explained. There is nothing about the process and the treatment that is too complicated for the common people not to understand what this aims. There are a million ways that would allow you to educate your community, but the first one would be to use your power as the local government.

Create a regulation that allows the use of biosolids freely in your municipality and then, hold a seminar or a conference for free that would impart knowledge to those who are interested about biosolids. Invite experts over, so they can explain what it means to have a treatment plant beyond their midst and how this could benefit the community as a whole.

Open forum

Next, hold an open forum. This would allow the stakeholders to communicate with each other and air their grievances. Make sure this open forum is moderated and that no rude behavior would be allowed. Be strict about your rules and your guidelines, so that it will become a platform for everyone to air their concerns and their knowledge about biosolids. An open forum is a wonderful opportunity for the experts to explain what biosolids is all about, and for the naysayers to have a fill of information regarding something that could benefit them in the end.

Social media

The social media is a good place to create an issue and to address one, too. If you have a community page, use this page to reach out to the people who oppose your biosolids project. There are a number of ways you can do this. You can post lengthy articles about biosolids and what it means for a community.

You can produce a video documentary about it, so that those who do not like to read could still understand what biosolids can do to the community. You can also post photos of other places that use biosolids and have already started benefitting from it.

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