How To Encourage Others To Get Into Organic Farming

Over the last decade, organic farming has grown not only in popularity but also in profit. We have seen how communities, little by little, started to turn to organic products as our unhealthy lifestyles causing many diseases and illnesses.

But studies have been made that though many people are into a more organic lifestyle, which means they don’t consume food product from conventional farms anymore, not many farmers and agricultural producers are making the move toward organic farming.

The main reason for this is the three-year transition from conventional farms to organic farms. Farmers are finding it hard to get support throughout the three years that they would have to eliminate the use of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals on their farms. This can result in more problems crop-wise, as well as lower yield. It is important that farmers support each other and offer help when needed.

Discuss the importance of organic farming

If there’s someone you want to convert into an organic farmer, you have to spend as many time with them to discuss the benefits of organic farming—healthier soil, more nutritious crops, higher profit margin, contribution to keeping the environment safe, and many more.

There will be many questions about organic crops, planting, and farming so you need to be patient with whoever it is you’re trying to convert to become an organic farmer. Focus on the benefits of going organic to his farm and his livelihood.

Support the transition period

There’s a three-year transition period from conventional farming methods to organic farming methods. This three-year period will allow the soil to convert slowly to a method that is free from synthetic chemicals.

The slow transition will allow the soil to retain most of its structure and nutrients so this is a very important process for those who are currently running a conventional farm and want to go organic.

Join organic farming groups

There are many organic farming groups online that you can join with your friends. There, they would know so much more about organic farming than what you can share. They can access many publications and studies about the benefits of organic farms, as well as directly ask questions to experts in the field.

They can also share stories with those like them who are just starting to transition to organic farms. People who want to go into organic farming need all the support they can get from their friends, families, and people in the industry.

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