How to Encourage Your Family and Friends to Turn to Organic Farming

The organic farming industry is one of the main players in the environmental movement that is very strong today. Many consumers are citing concerns about how their buying decisions are having an impact on the environment. 

Because of this, they are now turning to organic and more environmentally sustainable industries. If this is something that you are currently doing, then you may be looking to encourage your family and friends to join you in your advocacy. 

However, it can be hard for people to get into this for the first time because of the drastic lifestyle and financial changes that you have to go through. Here is a simple guide to help you encourage your family and friends to turn to organic farming products.

Don’t Make Them Feel Guilty About Their Current Lifestyles

When we are overly enthusiastic about something, it can be easy to preach all about it to anybody and everybody who will listen. The problem with this approach is that after some time, your friends and family may feel like you’re guilting them about their current lifestyle choices. 

While this may not be your intention, it is very easy for it to come across this way if you’re constantly criticizing the products that they are currently using. You have to understand that it will take time for them to warm up to the idea of the lifestyle change and criticizing their current one will only cause them to hold on to it more. 

Educate Them About the Organic Farming Industry

One of the starting points of encouraging your friends and family to the idea of transitioning to the organics industry is by taking the time to educate them about the organics and other environmentally-friendly industries. 

Avoid overly technical terms because this will only frustrate them. Answer their questions when they are curious about something and stick to the facts. Mocking a product that they are using instead of educating them will only set back your progress. 

Gift Them Some Products to Try

An easy way to encourage someone to try organic farming products is by giving them some products to try. Whether you gift it to them for their birthdays or a special occasion, or you can invite them over and use them, there are plenty of ways to introduce these organic and natural products to people. 

The best part is when they see how well they work in person, they will naturally be curious, which gives you a good opportunity to educate them about the state of the industry and their products. 

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