Initiatives to Boost the Organic Farming Sector

organic farming

The majority of nations aim for a more sustainable food system by the year 2030. That’s just 10 years from now. The private and public sectors must come and work together to support organic farming and biodiversity if the goals are to be met. In Europe, for example, the European Commission will support the goals of the organic sector to occupy 25% of agricultural land by 2030.

What are the initiatives that must be put in place for organic farming to thrive and succeed in the next 10 years?

Action Plan

First, there needs to be a well-defined action plan to boost the demand and supply level in this industry. There are three levels to this action plan. The first level is to stimulate demand while maintaining consumer trust. The second is to encourage farmers to transition to organic farming. And the third is to enhance the role of organic production in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss. 

Organic Legislations

There is a lack of legislation protecting organic farmers and organic farming methods. That should be another focus for the public and private sectors.

The rules should ensure fair competition among organic farmers while also maintaining customer trust. Of course, the transition to these new rules will not be immediate. The government should create a transitional period for organic farmers to comply with new standards. 

Agri-food Promotion

While consumers are already learning about the importance of organic food products, the promotion of these products by the public sector is still lacking. There should be an initiative to promote the features of organic food products to the internal market and third-world countries. For the organic farming industry to grow, it needs to reach out to as far as it can. 


One of the most important elements of a successful organic farming initiative is setting a budget for it. Without money, all the initiatives and efforts will fail. The public and private sectors should go hand in hand in trying to allocate a specific budget for it—from the transition to the farming process to the distribution to the promotion.

One of the major needs of this method of farming is raising awareness among consumers. If people are unaware of the benefits of organic products, they won’t bother to look for them nor to purchase them. 

These initiatives will help boost the efforts of organic farmers. Whether it is to promote or reach out to consumers, the industry needs a lot of help from the public sector, as well as the direct consumers themselves. 

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