Is Networking Important For Organic Farming?

Networking is not only for retail businesses. Even the manufacture of food benefits big time from a bit of networking, both in real life and online. If you are into organic farming then you know it is no easy feat to run a farm that uses unconventional methods.

If you are not using synthetic fertilizers, things are a lot different and difficult for you. And though the internet is filled with information on organic farming and its methods, nothing beats having a dedicated network of industry leaders you can run to when a problem arises in your farm.

It will also help if you will take courses that relate to organic farming. A short course on agriculture, for example, will do you well. Any university and college offer short courses on agriculture and farming. These should provide you with the right knowledge to handle the managing of your farm well.

Shared experiences

Go check out online forums and community groups on Facebook about organic farming. Join these networks of like-minded farmers and individuals who are interested in the joy that organic farming brings to them. Whether you are doing it for business or as a hobby, organic farming must seriously be dealt with.

You can either gain knowledge from the experiences of other people in farming or you can share your own experiences to newbies like yourself before. Trust us, you will gain a lot by sharing with like-minded individuals the tips, the problems, and the challenges that you face when it comes to organic farming.

Industry leaders

Thankfully, industry leaders in organic farming took it as advocacy to spread and disseminate as many information as they can about this method of producing food. There are seminars, conferences, and exhibits being held almost regularly to talk about the new technologies that organic farming can benefit from.

It will benefit you as a farmer to hear industry leaders talk about the challenges they face when they are beginning in this industry, as well as how they solved these problems.


Do you have a mentor? Someone’s who’s an expert in this method of farming? Although you can gain knowledge from the internet and from the academe, there’s nothing like having someone who’s an expert in organic farming guide you in the business of running and managing one.

Seasoned organic farmers understand this industry better than any blogger can. It is nice to be able to talk with someone and know that he understands your concerns about your farm.

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